Haier HC17SF15RW

Haier HC17SF15RW

Choosing the right refrigerator for you.

Haier HC17SF15RW It may be normal for you to buy a refrigerator, but it’s not just a nice selection. Have to look around. Quality and Value The price paid is appropriate. No headache before and after use. Let’s see what we have to consider before choosing a beautiful refrigerator. Worth it


Money is considered the biggest thing friends. To control all buying factors. Before leaving home should set a budget before it offline. This is a 200 – 400 USD range and about this. Enough to really reach the store I will cut the other options out again. Time to buy may actually be cheaper or more expensive than the 30-40 USD is not okay if we have to buy it.

Refrigerator size

The size of the refrigerator is usually the size of the family member. If many people have a lot of freezers. Some houses may be limited by space. Haier HC17SF15RW If the house is a little bit, it may be a great refrigerator, I would like to see it offline. Most people, if only two people, I personally think that the refrigerator is 6 Q, it is good friends.


Most of the brand is buying peace of mind, friends.  Haier HC17SF15RW But compare the same quality brand with the same country. For example, compare brands from Japan about this offline. Most of them will last as long as they. Well in the matter of electronics As for the insurance, it is the bail of the machine for a year and the compressor insurance for 10 years, most of which I asked about it.

System of refrigerator

Mostly, the refrigerator in the refrigerator starts at the top without the freezer. It starts at 0 degrees and goes down. Until the vegetable storage.

But the refrigerator makes each model different. The freezer is offline. From the cold. If you want to enjoy the ice cream, ice cream is like fresh food for a long time. You have to choose a refrigerator with a freezer at -18 degrees, the power to eat up a little more friend. But if you do not worry about icing, you can use a refrigerator with a freezer with a temperature of -12 degrees.

Another part that makes refrigerators different is the ice cream. Some of them are hand-pressed, and then the ice in the infusion bowl to dissolve it to leave. Or some semi-automatic system is that when the ice in the channel fit into the press from the inside of the water will flow into the back of the compressor, then it will evaporate itself due to heat. But still, have to lift the melted water out of the ice to pour as well as ever. Some homes with full house water so I do not have to develop a type of water tank is not a type of island is not a type of refrigerator 2 type, Haier HC17SF15RW they do not have to press ice itself, because there is no ice to dissolve and it is comfortable. Is offline

Try to see my friends. What kind of time do you have to handle the ice at this island?

Material and design

Another matter that I care about because the brand is from the same country, but the interior design. The ability to put is not equal to my friends. I have put all my offline.

Also, consider the thickness of the plastic inside the refrigerator. Because some plastic brands are very thin. Some brands use better materials than plastic ones, such as safety pins. Choose not difficult, try to use the handle to touch me. For friends to have a refrigerator worth the price and quality.

Haier HC17SF15RW


Mostly if friends Buy big store It will get some discount and can be used for 4-6 months without interest. I do not support it, but I can accumulate points on the card. At the end of the year or at a time when the points in the card is a lot. It can come first as a discount. Friends.

Delivery date

Most will be shipping 1-3 days normally. Purchasing in the store if it is good to go to the morning, because it will be transported queues in the next day or next. If you go to the evening, you may have to wait several days for transportation.

Pick up at home

After the cooler arrives at home, it is suggested that the refrigerator is left unattended for about 3 hours for the system and reagents. In the refrigerator before entering, because during transportation may be lifted or moved in the wrong way.

Haier HC17SF15RW this is exactly the advice of the refrigerator to suit you in many things, such as Haier is a very famous brand. Is a specialist in the manufacture of electrical appliances. The design is beautiful, with a design to use. Half-width Freezer Compartment with Ice Cube Tray Full-width Slide-out Wire Shelf Full-width and Half-width Storage Shelf; 2 Liter Bottle Storage Manual Defrost With Adjustable Thermostat Recessed Door Handle; Space Saving Flat-back Design by the body of the cabinet, the material is Stainless Steel, the strength and durability can be used longer. This model uses 120 volts and weighs 30 pounds and is certified energy_star, certified frustration-free.


Haier HC17SF15RW 1.7 Cubic Feet


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